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    Inter-Organization transfer is not being possible..any workaround?

      We were using Inter ORG transfer whiich is a seeded function in Oracle Inv module to transfer material from ORG A to ORG B

      (N)Inventory>Transactions>Inter-Organization Transfer

      Now the problem is our items are not centralised.That is For example an item semi-conductors has a different item code opened for ORG A and a different for ORG B

      Suppose ORG A code is SCND.000001
      and ORG B code is SCND.000002

      we have a two segment item flexfield
      When ORG A tries to ship to ORG B, it doesnt appear in InterORG form since an item has to be enables in both the ORGS, source and detination, and since opur items are not centralised thats not possib

      So what the user does is assigns the itemcode associated with his ORG to the Destination ORG too

      Now when the Destination ORG receives the shipment , he has to receive in the new code assigned to him..Now has a result he has two codes which means reporting gets disturbed, history is difficult to find, manageability becomes hard..

      Could you please suggesta workaround for this