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    PR not getting Item Price and Supplier from Quotation

      We want to generate the Requisition from Project Contracts so that it generate the Approved Requisition and get the item Price and Supplier from Quotation.

      We setup all these things correctly:
      Create Inventory Item
      Create RFQ
      Create Quotation
      Approved Supplier List
      Sourcing Rule
      we also check the "ASL Sourcing to Requisitions Setup and Usage Guide" document on metalink and found all these settings are correct.

      If i create the requisition using Requisition Form, and select the Item that i defined in the sourcing rule, it gives the supplier,Item Price and Quotation No. automatically but if i create the requisition through Project Contracts and select the Item; it does not show the item price automatically and when i run the Requisition import process from Purchasing; it generated the approved requisition successfully but the price is not from Quotation. However the sourcing rules are created.
      It shows the price which i entered in the Project Contracts Deliverable Tracking System before Initiate Requisition but we required Item Price which we defined in the Quotation.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.