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    Adhoc query analysis and drilldown


      I am looking to build a browser based application that allows adhoc query analysis and drilldown, with similar functionality as the measure data viewer in AWM.

      I understand that this can be done using BI beans, but that these have now reached terminal release with a recommended replacement being ADF components. Does anyone whether this kind of functionality can be built using ADF - for example does ADF allow metadata driven reporting or have a hierarchy, level based query builder that can be exposed to end users. Has anyone done anything similar or am I better off sticking with BI beans.

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          ADF Datavisualusation component is a young product and
          can not connect directly to a aw.you must create views and I think that there is not any power of bibeans (QueryBuilder, data formatting ..)
          discover11g still use bibeans,
          I downloaded AWM11G 10.2 and we still see bibeans crosstab.
          Oracle still uses this product for those other applications.
          I do not understand the position of Oracle

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