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    JHeadstart query operator between with date field


      I am using JDeveloper and JHeadstart 11 Technical Release 1.

      In my Application Definition Editor I use the Query Operator 'between' on a data-field. In my Application I can see a 'from' and 'to' date field.

      In my table I have 3 dates: 1-1-2009, 17-1-2009 and 18-1-2009.
      If I use:
      Date from: 1-1-2009 and Date to: 18-1-2009 in my Application I expect to see only 2 rows (1-1-2009 and 17-1-2009). But I can see 3 rows.

      So my question is: what does 'to' mean in the JHeadstart generator? Does it include the date you fill in with the 'to' field?