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    Where can I download oracle 9i client?

      I need to find oracle 9i client to use connect to my database.

      I had try to find it on ORAcLE.com but ORACLE had remove the link.

      Where can I find it?

      If it not possible to find, I can use ORACLE 10g R2 client to connect ORACLE 9i?
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          Hans Forbrich
          If it is not at http://otn.oracle.com on the download link, and it is not at http://edelivery.oracle.com , then it is not available anymore.

          Oracle does not provide downloads for software that they no longer support. When they remove the download, you might still be able to get it by asking their support group, that is by opening a service request with your paid-up support contract.
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            In edelivery.oracle.com I see as VM, I don't see any image of ORACLE 9i for donwload.
            Any help?
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              Hans Forbrich
              I am so sorry that you are not able to find it.

              I went to the http://edelivery.oracle.com and, after carefully reading the (admittedly confusing) first page, I followed the appropriate links to find the Oracle9i Release 2 CD set. (And no, I can not provide a direct link ... you must go through the process to set appropriate session information.)

              Perhaps you did not click on 'Continue' in the first paragraph? I used the 'English' language setting and the paragraph reads

              "To download any Oracle product that is currently available to license, choose a language or *Continue* to export validation."

              For your convenience, I highlighted in bold the word that you need to click on, but note that you need to do that on the eDelivery site and not in the above paragraph.

              To avoid further possible confusion once you get to the correct page, please note that in Oracle9i you could not get a separate 'Client' CD but rather needed to select 'install client' from the installer run after downloading the entire 3-CD set. I understand how confusing that might be, and therefore encourage reading the install instructions in http://www.oracle.com/pls/db92/db92.docindex?remark=homepage#index-INS if you have not had the opportunity to do so.
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                Actually its is available on edelivery its part no. A99330-01 under the Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack v12 for Microsoft Windows menu.
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                  Heres how exactly you can do this,

                  Goto the link below and fill ur details

                  Select the two check boxes and click on Continue.

                  in the next Page
                  Select a Product Pack as Oracle Database
                  and ur OS,

                  Click Go for Searching.

                  in the result sheet, Click on 'Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Media Pack for Microsoft Windows'

                  Click download on for 'Oracle9i Client Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP'
                  Its about 550 MB

                  Or if you are looking for a Windows client
                  go to


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