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    Blanket PO or Standard PO?

      We have a case where the client makes an annual contract with a supplier. The contract specifies that the cost of buying any brochure(inventory item) is X$.However, it does not have agreement price for the whole year. So, any number of brochures can be bought.There are 50 different kinds of brochures but all will have this rate. Now, when a particular type of brochure is to be purchased, a PO is prepared and sent to the vendor.Can this be handled in any way apart from a Standard PO?

      If there is an annual contract with a vendor wherein the agreement price is not fixed but the rate is, can we use a Blanket PO?

      If we do go for a Blanket Release in this case, how can we generate PO reports for such releases.I understand that blanket releases are equivalent to Standard POs, but the custom PO report is generated based on the po_headers_all and po_lines_all and not po_releases. Any suggestions?

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          As you are saying that the rate is fixed but the agreement amount is not fixed.You have option to go with Blanket purchase agreement. In blanket purchase agreement you can change the Amount agreed at any point of time and even you can set an option of changing the item price if needed. so you can use this for your case.


          if needed you can go with Contract purchase agreement. Even in this you can change the contract amount when ever you need and you can create standard po's for this contract agreement.

          veeraiah chowdary.Bodduluri.
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            If you use Blanket purchase agreement then using these tables you can track the releases PO_RELEASES_V, PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_RELEASE_V . These two tables would help you generate reports.

            veeraiah chowadry.B.