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    Install BI Publisher Enterprise on Vista??

      BIP gurus,

      I am trying to install BIP Enterprise on Windows Vista, but it crashes in a few seconds of running Setup.exe
      I have tried to install on a different machine (with Vista on it too) but the result is the same. Has anyone been able to successfully install BIP Enterprise on Vista?
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          yes i got success in installing BIP Enterprise on Vista. I donot know about other vista versions.
          but i installed it on Vista Ultimate.

          Do this, first get the vista ultimate,if u dont have. try on it. i had not any problem installing on it.

          Even if setup.exe crashes. try this- when Vista displays a dialog, 'Install this program using recommended settings' & 'This program
          installed properly'. choose the recommended settings option. hope this will pass all the requirements for installation.

          Also install JDK1.6 or JDK1.5 , or both.

          hope this will help u.