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    Blanket Purhcase Agreement


      Would like to know if there is any standard report or screen that show the number and value of releases made against a BPA.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You can go to the Purchase Order Summary screen, enter the BPO, click on view releases and hit find.
          The number of records found (-1) will give you the number of releases.
          Then open the BPO and look at "Amount released" column.
          That will give you the value of releases so far.

          Hope this answers your question
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Hi ,
            Whatever Sandip mentioned is the right way to get the info from front end.. Thanks Sandip..

            You also can get the same info in this report as well : *"Purchase Order and Releases Detail Report"*

            Report sample is mentioned below for your reference...

            Hope this will help.

            S.P DASH


            Purchase Order and Releases Detail Report Report Date: 15-OCT-2009 14:49
            test sp

            Report Parameters

            Categories From:
            Items From:
            Vendors From:
            PO Numbers From: 28918
            To: 28918
            Sort By:
            GEMSAS_JPN_JPY Purchase Order and Releases Detail Report Report Date: 15-OCT-2009 14:49
            test sp Page: 2 of 2

            PO Number: 28918                                             Buyer: Katsuhiko, Ito             Acceptance Date:
            PO Type: Blanket Purchase Agreement                Creation Date: 06-NOV-01              Acceptance Required:
            Release: 1                                          Printed Date:                                   Currency: JPY
            Rev: 1                                          Revised Date: 07-NOV-01                    Amount Agreed:
            Vendor: HITACHI CHEMICAL CO..                      Release Date: 06-NOV-01                     Amount Limit:  999,999,999,999
            Vendor Site: TOKYO                                                                               Amount Released:                0

            Line Line Type Category   Item                 Rev Item Description                                        Unit     Price Limit
            ---- --------- ---------- -------------------- --- ------------------------------------------------------- -------- ---------------
            Ship-To                                Quantity/Amount Quantity/Amount Quantity/Amount Quantity/Amount Quantity/Amount
            Shipment Location      Due Date      Unit Price         Ordered        Received       Cancelled             Due          Billed
            -------- ------------ --------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
            *1 Goods UA.UA 2171665 ... P9234XD CBB PWB Each*
            *1 CTJ Warehous 29-NOV-01 13,000 1 0 1 0 0*
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              Thanks Sandeep & SpDash.