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    Support forum? - Where is the support?

      It states at the top of this forum that this is the OWLCS support forum, so where is the support? I know that it says that support will be on a 'best effort' basis but is this the best a company the size of Oracle can do?

      I created two threads to try to get help on a couple of issues and have had zero replies from Oracle.

      I tried raising an SR for another related issue and I was told that :
      'Oracle Weblogic Server Communications is a product which should be used for development purposes only and based on that the support will be given in Oracle WebLogic Communication Services (OWLCS) 11gR1 forum located at Oracle WebLogic Communication Services (OWLCS) 11gR1
      Please use the forum to receive help with your question.'

      OWLCS is an optional download in the Fusion Middleware tech stack - shouldn't it be supported properly?

      You will have to excuse me for having a rant but I have been working with Oracle products for many years now and I have never felt like having a public moan before. I don't mind a challenge but this FMW tech stack is getting ridiculous (IMHO).

      OK calmed down now... Amazing what a glass of red will do!
      I have had a reply to my questions and hopefully we will make progress in solving the issues.
      Still not a fan of FMW 11g though, at least not yet.

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