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    Please help..Need sample reqimport scripts


      I am new to apps.
      I believe the Vision instance shipped by Oracle would be having some sample values (like sample items, users, suppliers etc).

      I want to test out REQIMPORT concurrent program, for which I need to insert relevant values into the PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL and PO_REQ_DIST_INTERFACE_ALL tables.

      Now, since the values in Vision instance dont really change, I was wondering if somebody has created scripts which insert relevant values into these tables (these scripts may be useful to do a sanity test on Vision instance). If so, I would be really obliged if you could share them with me or send them to amitora.apps@gmail.com. I have spent lot of time on this. While I am able to insert and make the program run, it always errors out and I have not yet succeeded in inserting values into the Requisitions base tables

      Thanks in advance,