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    Lodestar LTMHconfig startup problem


      I have installed Oracle utility (Lodestar) 1.5 and trying to login into LTMH Config (transaction manager), but getting the following VB runtime error:

      The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application LTMH Configuration: Thread ID: 3752 ,Logged: LTMH Error. Source: LTMH
      Error Number: 713
      Application-defined or object-defined error

      Can somebody please help me by providing solution on it?
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          This is a reported Bug and Oracle had came up with the solutuion.You need to add some system files and register the same to your utility Server.But its better to install the latest version to completly recover from this error.

          Hope you might have already got the solution,If not i can post the detailed solution.If ned pls reply to this reply.

          Sreekanth M S