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    Change Currency for Approved POs


      I am at a customer site where they for different reasons need to change the currency for some POs after they are approved.

      The application does not allow this, so we have to make a customization to do this.

      We have come up with the following ways to do this:

      1. If we can change the Status from Approved to Uncomplete we will be able to use the Currency button and change the values in the little window popping up (PO_CURRENCY block).

      2. If we are able to force the form to allow us to change values in PO_CURRENCY block even though the PO is Approved.

      I would think that the first alternative is the safest, but I am unsure of how to do it. Any tips? Do we need to delete rows in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS or some other tables?

      With the second alternative I am unsure of the impact it will have on the rows stored in the different tables. Any Comments or tips?

      We are on by the way :-)

      Thanks and regards
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          We would like to know at which state of PO you want to change the currency... Before receipt or after receipt?

          We can't change the Currency of an Approved PO from frontend.... There is a potential risk if you try to do the same from backend if PO receipt is already done..

          Read this note from Metalink : Doc ID: 149204.1, The modification of currency is not possible as once PO is approved, the encumbrance entries will be made into GL tables and altering the currency details will cause a major problem.

          When you do a receipt the AP Accrual and Receipt a/c got hit.. It will be difficult to tackle the currency change here...

          Instead of changing urrency of an approved PO, why don't you try to change the invoice currency of the PO.. Hope this will help..

          S.P DASH