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    Oracle Interconnect in 11g?

      Hello guys,

      I have few questions on Oracle Interconnect.

      1. Is Interconnect part of Oracle 11g SOA Suite?
      2. How Oracle Interconnect is different from Oracle BPEL/ESB?
      3. How easy (Design,development effort) is it to migrate from Oracle Interconnect to Oracle BPEL/ESB, if required?

      Can someone please provide more information on Oracle Interconnect?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Torsten Kleiber

          Oracle Interconnect will not be developed further after 10g. I will have tomorrow a workshop with oracle which alternatives exists in 11g for me.

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            Hi Torsten,

            Thanks for your reply. Please let me know your learnings if possible.

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              Torsten Kleiber
              Following is the excerpt of the meeting:

              For our requirements (2 db adapters and 2 sap adapters) there are following alternatives:

              1. Technical upgrade to oracle mediator (adapters and routing, restricted use of soa suite mediator component for formerly interconnect users)
              2. Technical upgrade to oracle service bus (adapters and routing, additional licence costs)
              3. Upgrade to oracle service bus (full use of soa suite, additional licence costs)

              We plan to have another workshop with consulting company to look at some opensource alternatives too.

              There is no autmatic migration path, you have to reimplement your functionality.