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    Accessing UDFs through Web Services


      I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put this question, but I couldn't see a better place to put it. Here's my question if someone could answer it:

      I'm writing an applicationthat pulls projects/activities off a Primavera Database. After pulling down the project into my program, I need to be able to access a value in one of the UDF fields and multiply that value by several of the acitivty properties. I can pull down the normla properties of activities and projects fine, but I can not figure out how to retrieve UDFs from a project/activity. I've tried using the Export Service, but after trying for over a month with primavera support, we couldn't solve the issues causing the export to fail. So unfotunately that is not an option. I need to be able to retrieve UDFs directly from the project/activity. If it makes any difference, the UDF I'm interested in always has the same name.

      I've been trying to do this in C#, using the P6WSDemo as basis, but as I said the export service fails, and that example doesn't include a way to access UDFs. If anyone has accessed UDFs or know how, could you tell me how to do it?

      Thanks in advance
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          we have done this using Java..see if this helps...

          am attaching snippets:

          // load all activities of the project or based on afilter
                         boiActivity = m_project.loadAllActivities(new String[]{"ObjectId", "Id", "Name", "EarlyStartDate", "EarlyFinishDate"}, null, "Id asc");

          while (boiActivity.hasNext()) {
                              try {
                                   Activity activity = (Activity)boiActivity.next();
                                   m_activityObjId = activity.getObjectId();
          // for each activity
          // load all the UDF's you like by name
                         +bo = m_manager.loadUDFValues(new String[] { "UDFTypeTitle", "Text", "UDFTypeObjectId", "ForeignObjectId", "ProjectObjectId" },
                                   "ForeignObjectId = '" + m_activityObjId + "' and ProjectObjectId = '" + m_projectObjId + "' and Upper(UDFTypeTitle) IN ('WO NUMBER', 'TASK', 'WOTASK')", null);+*

          // these are the values you get in a list or an array - which has name and value
          // this might be slightly complicated if you have text, number and date UDF's that you want to get in one shot.

          if you need more help, please do ping me..



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            i have used the API for this but you can find the corresponding web service call..

            please read

            UDFValues.ReadUDFValues call..