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    How to automatically communicate PO cancellations to suppliers

      We have a requirement to automatically send a cancellation notification to our suppliers when a PO is cancelled. Does such functionality already exist in R12 or does anyone have any experience in customising this?

      I know the user guide states "Purchasing automatically inserts a cancellation
      message on the purchase order, purchase order line, purchase order shipment, or
      release you cancelled." This then has to be sent manually to a supplier. However, Doc ID 752141.1 in Metalink (for a different issue) states "Right now a notification is sent to the Supplier when a PO is cancelled." However, I can't find any other documentation that backs up this comment.

      If standard functionality doesn't allow this, we are thinking of customising the workflow or creating a trigger/alert to email or fax a cancelled PO if it has been cancelled within 3 months after the creation date or document revision date. Has anyone tried to do this?

      Thanks for your help.