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    Doubt regarding Blanket PO release


      what fields must be populated in the po_requisitions_interface table in order to create a blanket release?

      OR importing blanket releases through interface or API??can anyone provide API's


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          Hi Kranthi,

          Please check the below documents which might help

          DOC # 225436.1

          DOC # 419647.1

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            Hi Raghav,

            Thanks for the response, but it didnt help me.

            I need to know * what additional fields one should pass to import a requisition * from the backend so that a blanket release gets created automatically (with all the related ASL setups in place).


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              Hi Kranthi,
              Documents which has been suggested by Raghav are indeed helpfull.. Thanks Raghav...

              Could you please verify what is the default value set for Workflow *"CONT_WF_FOR_AC_REL_GEN".* If Default value: N then please set it as 'Y'..

              You can check it from backend as well..Please use below query :

              select rtrim(w.name) name,
              w.text_default Value,
              rtrim(w.item_type) item_type,
              *'Should Workflow Create The Release?' Attribute*
              from wf_item_attributes w
              where w.NAME = 'CONT_WF_FOR_AC_REL_GEN'

              You can refer : Doc ID: 559009.1 for details..

              Please confirm if Release method in Item attributes of ASL is set as *'Release using Autocreate''?*
              You can check the same by Using PO Resp --> Supply Base --> ASL --> Query on Item...

              Below Supplier Block you will see the Attributes Button, click on that.. It will open Supplier-Item attributes form ,
              check Release method = "Release using Autocreate''..

              Now do a requisition import and check if releases are getting created or not.

              S.P DASH
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                I want to 'CLOSE' my PO and Releases based on certain criterias. I am using PO_ACTIONS.CLOSE_PO API but it is not closing PO or releases.
                Is there some other API for closing the Releases?
                In case of release I am passing po_release_id in p_docid while in case of PO I am passing po_header_id in p_docid.
                po_actions.close_po(p_docid => l_doc_id,
                                         p_doctyp     => l_doctype,
                                         p_docsubtyp     => i.type_lookup_code,
                                         p_lineid     => NULL,
                                         p_shipid     => NULL,
                                         p_action     => 'CLOSE',
                                         p_reason     => 'Close PO Past Need by Date',
                                         p_calling_mode     => 'PO',
                                         p_conc_flag     => 'N',
                                         p_return_code     => x_return_code_h,
                                         p_auto_close     => 'Y',
                                         p_action_date     => SYSDATE,
                                         p_origin_doc_id => NULL);
                Can any one help please.