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    Time Sheet Entry

      Dear All,

      What is the best way to enter Time sheets?

      Is it through Pre-approved batches with class as Time Cards or to integrate OTL?

      Please let me know the pros and cons of using the above options.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Dina Rotem

          Pre-Approved batches is a tool for a professional administrator or time attendant person who gets the employee time cards on paper, after approval by supervisor. That person will enter batches of time cards on behalf of all other employees. Using this method you will not have any systematic integration with time management for payroll.

          OTL is based on self service entry of time by employee. Online approval by supervisor, and automatic interface into Projects. The employees time cards are also being the input for HR management and payroll.
          With OTL you should have better control on time cards.

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            Hi Dina,

            Thanx for your reply.

            Can you please let me know what inputs can we have for HR management and payroll from employee Time cards if we use OTL for time entry?
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              Hello. It depends how you configure OTL. You can govern if / what goes to Payroll through configuration e.g. standard / overtime. Various bits of configuration govern this. Sorry about not gving more details, I would advise you to have a look at the OTL manuals in the firts instance to see what is possible
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                john dickey, mccarthy
                I think you misunderstood what Dina meant by "inputs". In Oracle Time and Labor, when self service timecards are approved, they are ready to be retrieved/sent to the applications that use the data. You use an Oracle Projects responsibility to transfer time from OTL to projects. You use an HRMS responsibility to transfer time to Batch Element Entry (BEE) and then on to Oracle HR or Oracle Payroll. So your "inputs" are you payroll hours and what projects/tasks the time being charged to. Does this make sense?

                John Dickey
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                  Dina Rotem

                  OTL is a time and attendance management system.
                  An employee will enter his attendance time and over time. Based on payroll agreement the employee may be earn more if he works on weekends, or late at night. Those different types of time elements are required for payroll calculation. The employee will enter any absence time for various reasons, like vacation, sick, holiday, studies, and so on. The system manages the balances of those absence types, as well.

                  Using OTL you may have better control since you can validate the employee enter time for projects, for the entire range of hours he is getting paid for.