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    WebCache setting to support multiple JVMS (running on Different Http port)

      Hi AS Gurus,

      I have following Problem

      My Environment Details are

      Clustered OAS 10.1.3 with 2 OAS nodes.Oracle WebCache is in front of the cluster to server as "Load-Balancer"/"Reverse Proxy".
      Each node of AS has 5 OC4J instances and OHS.
      On one OC4J Instance we have increased number of JVMs from 1 to 2 JVMs ,this has been done due to high Heap Usage of this Instance due to Heavy Load.
      The Application that runs on this Instance uses Apache-Struts.

      2) How do we configure the WebCache to add the new JVM.

      I have added the Orgin Servers, Site Definitions and Site to server Mapping corresonding to the newly added port.

      For Ex: Site to Server mapping is as follows

      www.aces.gov.in 12540 Unrestricted acesappm.cbec.gov.in 12540 No
      acesappm.cbec.gov.in 12541 No

      The Problem that i am facing is that when i try to access the application .

      If the request from Browser goes to WebCache on port 12540 and WebCache also uses 12540 to send the request to App Server then everything works fine,similarly for port 12541.

      But if the browser send request to webCache on 12540 and WebCache also uses 12541 to send the request to App Server then Blank Page is return Back.

      Has any one has encountered this behaviour or can any one guide me to set an Application which is running on multiple ports on a webcache.