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    Oracle service instance terminated when query contains OPTONAL clauses


      I have a query containing the following clause together with a few other clauses:
      OPTIONAL {?eClsId i:entrezId ?eEntrezId . ?eEntrezId i:geneBookId ?eGeneBookId}
      OPTIONAL {?oClsId i:entrezId ?oEntrezId . ?oEntrezId i:geneBookId ?oGeneBookId}

      When I executed the query the Oracle service instance will shut down abnormally. (OracleServiceORCL service terminated unexpectedly as shown in the Event log.)

      I tried to remove one OPTIONAL clause from above and then the query can run. However I really need to have both of them.

      I'm running Oracle x64 with Patch set 7600122 installed.

      Any idea what could be the cause here? Is there any walk-around? Thanks,