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    Payroll Splits in

      We have recently upgraded our JDE installation to version As part of this upgrade, we have recently lost the ability to perform automatic payroll splits.

      Not being the trusting sort, i want to confirm with other users that this functionality is no longer part of the program.

      Basically, within the payroll module, we were able to have position payrolls split between two different Business Units according to a preset percentage. In other words (for example), my payroll could be split 40% to one Business Unit, and 60% to the other Business Unit. This did not require any processing steps on the part of the Payroll Department. If the hours were entered into the system, the resulting calculations were split.

      Now that we've "upgraded" to, this is no longer the case. The Payroll Department now must manually process each of the split positions.

      At least, this is what we've been told. I don't neccessarily trust "The Powers That Be."

      Has this been the case for other users of JDE EnterpriseOne?
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          Kem Butller-Oracle
          My name is Kem Butler and I am the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Strategy Director. Did you successfully resolve this issue? If not, can you please provide the SR number and I will investigate as I do not believe that the loss of functionality as you describe should have happened with your upgrade. Regards.