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    Incubator licensing and use

      Can I modify incubator project code for use in a commercial application?

      How about for distribution as part of an open source application?
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          Brian Oliver-Oracle

          The source code from the Coherence Incubator are considered examples and form part of the Coherence documentation.

          Consequently you are free to use it within an commercial application, in a modified or derived form. Obviously you'll need the appropriate Coherence licenses to do so.

          You may also use it in open source projects, so long as the copyright notices and conditions are observed.

          You can not however make a derivate work of the source code and then sell it for commercial gain. This is generally prohibited by the Oracle Product licenses (unless you have an appropriate agreement with Oracle). This is the same as taking Coherence itself and then on-selling it.

          Hope this helps.

          -- Brian

          Brian Oliver | Architect | Oracle Coherence Engineering
          Oracle Fusion Middleware