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    Issue with Oracle MTS installation in windows server 2008

      Hi Team,

      Yesterday, I have installaed oracle client version, selected microsoft transaction server option and installed it in my middle tier server.

      Start->program->Oracle home11g-> (Searched for oracle mts, its not available) It seems oracle client version needs ODAC to be installed (Is it correct? )

      I have downloaded from oracle site. But, its throwing an error like the file is not in proper format.

      1 Any special settings needs to be done for installing the MTS in windows server 2008?

      2. I need to create a service in MTS to point to my database server?

      3. Please share me some relative links on the same.

      4. I can see MTS recovery services is running in my machine.

      5. Previously, I have installed Oracle 10G client and removed it and am trying with oracle 11g. Just I have uninstalled the application and I didnt do anything. Do we need to remove anything in the registry.

      This issue is very critical for me. Please share your thoughts.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Venkatesan Prabu .J