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    Cannot access EM console on SOA Suite 11g (404 error)

      I have installed SOA Suite 11g on a new environment. The admin server and managed server (soa_server1) start up without any errors in logs. However after start up, I am unable to access the enterprise manager console at http://host:port/em due to 404. Interestingly, I can access the WebLogic administration console at http://host:port/console without any issue.

      I have installed SOA Suite 11g before on my local machine and have never had any issue like this before.

      Is there a way to manually start up the enterprise manager application? I have seen some advise in previous posts which mention the use of emctl (enterprise manager command line control) however, this does not appear applicable to the em app that runs on WebLogic application server in 11g.

      Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated!
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          Baskar Mookkan-Oracle
          You can access the EM using http://host:7001/em url.

          But for EM to be present in the domain, you should have created your domain with Enterprise Manager template selected. I think, you haven't done this step. Login to your WLS Admin Console, navigate to Deployments. Check for an application named 'em'. If it is not there, then this is the issue.

          To get your domain extended with EM, do these steps.
          1. Stop your servers in the domain.
          2. Invoke the configuration wizard ($ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/config.sh/cmd)
          3. Choose Extend Domain option. Select your domain.
          4. Select Enterprise Manager template. Complete the wizard.
          5. Start your servers.

          Now you will be able to access EM, using the above URL.

          There is no need for emctl in SOA 11gR1. Starting the Admin Server will help you to work in EM.

          Hope this helps!!!
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            Thank you! You were right I did not select the Enterprise Manager template this time around.

            It is interesting that the EM template is not setup by default when the SOA template is selected given that without EM there is no dashboard for SOA!