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    sanity check on server

      Hi All,

      We have Linux server with oracle 10g(R2) database in it.My client asked us to perform a sanity check on this server.
      since i am new to this work,I have no idea what it is.So,Please someone help me with this thing.

      Tell me what and how to do it and how the report should be.

      If any one have report of this kind please paste it here,that would be really helpful.

      Thanks in advance....
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          Satish Kandi
          Search for "database health check" in this very forum. You will find a lot of threads discussing the same.
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            Hi Satish,

            I browsed with the info you gave but haven't found anything useful for me........Please see if there is anything you could do to help me on this.......

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              Girish Sharma
              Defination of sanity check :

              Now, what does it mean to check programming / logical error on server; it is confusing.

              Girish Sharma
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                Niall Litchfield
                Take definition 1 not 2 then. A check of the database server for stupid or common errors. That's why the earlier poster correctly pointed you towards the term health check. Here is the table of content from a health check that our customers might get if they'd not expressed any specific concerns ahead of time. Note that I won't give you the content or sections 1-5 :(

                6     DATABASE HEALTH CHECK     
                6.1     Space Management     
                6.2     Backup Management     
                6.3     Security     
                6.4     Transaction Management     
                6.5     Statistics Management     
                6.6     Errors     
                6.7     Performance Management     
                7     CONCLUSIONS:     


                Niall Litchfield
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                  Girish Sharma
                  Actually i was confused that OP is asking database health check script or is there any difference between sanity check and database health check. So i googled "sanity check" and found the above link; which is saying different defination i.e. any stupid mistake related to programming code called sanity check. For an oracle dba; sanity check, which you elaborated; now clear my doubts.

                  Now you have got replied in your linux forum thread too....!

                  Thank you.
                  Girish Sharma

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                    I heartily recommend using Grid Control: it does 99% of the legwork for you.
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                      What is that Grid control thing and just tell how can I get my hands on it? Please tell me..

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                        This is a good demo for "Health Checking/Monitoring":
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