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    Are Suppliers and Customers considered as Parties in r12?


      In Oracle EBS r12.
      Are suppliers and customers considered as parties ?

      I read online that since Suppliers have been moved into the TCA DataModel. they are considered as parties.

      I have: all the Customers available in ra_customers Table,
      and all the Suppliers available in po_vendors and ap_suppliers Tables,

      But both (customers and suppliers) are also in hz_parties, and hz_party_sites

      i was confused when i searched in the customers page, i passed a supplier name in the name field and i got a result for that supplier
      though i am in the customers search page...

      Is this normal ?

      I uploaded the customers and suppliers through interface tables, did i miss something? a flag or a code that differ the supplier from a customer?


      P.S im pretty sure that the suppliers are not customers in anyways...