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    issue damaged items to expense accounts

      hi friends,

      Im using oracle 11i. im new with oracle inventory management. can anyone pls give me a step by step procedure How to dispose damaged items? i know that this job can be done by Performing Miscellaneous Transactions. but still it will be helpful for me if anyone pls show me steps with an example or share any link or document.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Are you looking out for how to perform the Miscellaneous issue to dispose the damaged items?

          For this purpose, you need to Navigate to Transactions -> Miscellaneous Transacations
          Select the Transaction type as Miscellaneous Issue or you can Create new user defined Transaction types in Setup -> Transaction Types -> User.
          Alternatively select the Source or Create new User defined sources in Setup -> Transaction Types -> Source

          Navigate to Transaction Lines and select the item, subinventory, quantity and Account and Save your work.

          The items will be now issued to the Account as specified (Expense Account).
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