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    404 Page Not Found when accessing BPELConsole


      I am using a SOA, and it was working fine prior yesterday.

      Maybe due to an incomplete shotdown/restart of the BPEL related applications in SOA, (i.e while applications at EM console are still restarting, from server command, also execute "opmnctl stopall") now the BPEL Console is no longer accessible. It always gives 404 Page Not Found error. (Note: /em and others are working fine).

      I have tried the following, and found the log as below.

      1. ran "opmnctl stopall" and then removed hw_services, deploy_services, esb-dt, esb-rt and orabpel under /j2ee/oc4j_soa/application-deployments/ and "opmnctl startall". They are re-created but problem exists. Also, click restart BPEL related applications (hw_services, orabpel, and deploy_service) from EM Console.

      2. checked log file (/bpel/system/logs) which has

      <2009-11-12 13:59:58,391> <ERROR> <collaxa> <ProcessJob::execute> Attempt (9/30) ... failed to connect ... retrying in 15 seconds ...

      <2009-11-12 14:00:13,406> <ERROR> <collaxa> <ProcessJob::execute> Error when connecting to http://itas-dev-2.us.oracle.com:7777/orabpel/xmllib/ws-addressing.xsd

      3. checked log file /opmn/logs/default_group~oc4j_soa~default_group~1.log which has
      09/11/12 14:07:30 oracle.oc4j.rmi.ApplicationStoppedException: Application is not in RUNNING state

      4. checked /j2ee/oc4j_soa/application-deployments/orabpel/oc4j_soa_default_group_1/application.log



      OraBPEL run-time system failed to start due to exception:

      Application is not in RUNNING state

      Please help!!

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          Hi Grace,
          Few options to try:

          1) Check db conn, 0 size file in Oracle Home etc. to make sure nothing is corrupt.
          2) Go to EM Console and try to restart orabpel application
          3) Manually deploy orabpel application and restart the server.

          I think one of these options should resolve the problem.
          Let us know how u get on.

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            Hi Grace,

            First see the orabpel application status : opmnctl status -app
            If its down, then loginto the em console and start both hw_services and orabpel applications. Also, ensure that the loadon_startup parameter is 'true' for these applications in default-web-site.xml and server.xml files.