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      • 45. Re: Help with Parallelization on our SPARC server...we are drowning!
        Taral Desai wrote:
        Well this is not in parallel. So, may be something else is doing some other run on server. Or may be this would run in parallel at runtime.
        How can you tell it is not running in parallel?
        1. Is there parallel set at table level ?
        As I mentioned before, I ran the tests without setting the DOP and with it being set
        2. Some of the table are not analyzed .
        Yes they are. I had them analyzed on the 11/19. If I change the DOP or PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS, should I re-gather stats?
        3. some predicates are applied very late so may be you can try sub query unnesting
        I don't think this is happening.
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