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    Unable to extract page numbers using FIRST_BOOK_PAGE


      We have to extract page numbers in views.
      For this we have
      Added FIRST_BOOK_PAGE in key template.
      Linked key template to study views
      Enabled CRF page tracking
      Data entry using DCI book

      But we are still not able to extract this variable. View generation fails with following error.
      ORA-00904: "RDCM"."FIRST_BOOK_PAGE": invalid identifier

      Is there any other step that we have to follow to extract this variable.
      Note: FIRST_BOOK_PAGE column is being populated in Received_DCIs table.

      Please give you inputs.

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          I was quicky able to replicate your problem by just doing what I would normally do to add a column to a key template. I am not aware of any other steps.

          The default extract macro for FIRST_BOOK_PAGE provides the alias "RDCM". This alias appears in the error message as well. This is an apparent error as this column is not available in rxc.received_dcms. It has to be added either as a custom macro or as a hard code revision to the rdcms_view referenced by each of the defined views for a study. And if it is added "under the sheets", the alias would need to be RDCI or at least something other than RDCM since this is already in use for all of the other stuff coming from received_dcms.

          This is the explanation for the error message, ie. even though you've added it to the key template, it is an invalid reference because it is looking at the wrong table.