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    INternal Requisition

      Hello Every One,

      I am new to internal requisitions. can anyone help me what will happen when on hand quantity is not available for the item requested in the internal requisition can that requisition be converted into Purchase requisition.

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          Sorry not that I am aware of.
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            For the Internal Requisitions which are converted into Internal Sales orders, if the item inventory does not exist then the Shipping process does not Pick-Release the line and the quantity will be Back Ordered. In such cases, the requisition cannot be converted into a PO.

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              Internal Requisitions are for Inter Organization transactions, when IR is approved, an internal order is usually created and source ORG shipping person releases this IO and pickwave move order picks the item and as per setting pick wave move order is transacted manually or automatically to move the item to staging area. If certain qty of item cannot be allocated to move order, that qty is back ordered and allocated and transacted is released and is ready to be shipped to destination ORG. Back ordered qty can be released again, when item is available with source ORG.
              IR cannot be converted to Purchase requisition, best solution is to finally close the IR if it is not to be used.
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                So has you questioned been answered?
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                  Sanjay Desai EBS

                  You go thru an document number : 406312.1 ( Basic steps for internal requisition) of metalink.