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    WebCache in clustered mode throws http Error Code 508

      Hi All,

      I have Oracle webcache in a clustered mode ,which is acting as a loadbalancer for the Oracle Application Server.
      The Oracle Application Server is hosting custom j2ee application .
      Scenario 1:
      Only one Node of WebCache is Up
      If i try to access the web Application through Browser, then the page is displayed successfully.

      Scenario 2:
      Both the WebCache Nodes are up and Running
      Problem statement:
      If i try to access the web Application through Browser, then it gives me blank page and HttpError Code 508 in background.

      The Problem what seems to me is the session persistence problem.
      As far as i know,
      In a cluster environment, developers must be aware that the HTTP session can run in multiple JVMs. The session attributes should be kept consistent in each JVM. Otherwise, the same input may cause different results when the application runs on different nodes because the user-related data is inconsistent in these two nodes.

      The precondition is that all shared attributes must be serialized and deserialized. When you put a Java object into a session and want it shared across all nodes, declare this Java object as a serializable interface

      I want to know, is my understanding correct and code is causing the problem and needs to be checked in the source code of application
      or there is any configuration missing on WebCache?

      I would appriciate any pointers.