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    Access Issue

    Kanaiya Sindhavad
      Dear Sir
      I am using AP,AR,GL FA Module but when i try to enter Requisition in Procurement or through purchasing in
      Vision demo at solution i recd following message

      You are not setup as an employee. to access this form you need to be an employee

      Please suggest me the solution of above problem
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          You need to define yourself as an employee through PO Setup or HRMS employee setup..

          Please follow below steps..

          *1) Logon to PO Super User/ HR Super User responsibility to define employee..*

          Setup --> Personal --> Employees --> Enter Person form will open.. through this form define yourself as an Employee, assign appropriate job etc..... Save it.

          *2) Define yourself as buyer if required.. (Setup --> Personal --> Buyers --> New Buyer)*

          *3) Go back to System Administrator responsibility...*

          *Security --> User --> define --> Query your user Name ..... In this form (at header) please include your Employee name (what you defined in step-1.) in person field*

          Now start creating POs, requisitions.. You won't get error anymore :)

          S.P DASH