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    Oracle Web Cache - Load Balancer Mode

      I am facing a problem related to fault tolerance in Oracle Web Cache

      My environment:
      2 Nodes of Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 configured in cluster.
      have configured Oracle Web Cache (in LoadBalancer mode only) to simulate a BigIP load balancing above these two oc4j node. This to be used as fault tolerance so if one http request will fail the LoadBalancer will direct it to the second oc4j (its http server).

      I have used the defaults recommended by Oracle documentation for configuration clustering load balancer using Oracle Web Cache and using JSESSIONID for Session binding with oc4j-type. I left all other cluster/server setting to default

      The problem is when I am shutting down one oc4j instance the Oracle Web Cache tries to keep the session with the un-available oc4j node and not direct the session to the other oc4j node.
      If I choose to start a new session (loose current work) than it does work with the second (alive) oc4j node, but than where is its fault tolerance??
      What do i need to do to keep working with the same session over the second oc4j node. My deployed Web App is enabled to work in cluster, using Oracle Application Server console. Here is its orion-application.xml

      +<?xml version="1.0"?>+

      +<orion-application xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oracleas/schema/orion-application-10_0.xsd" deployment-version="" default-data-source="jdbc/OracleDS" component-classification="external"+
      schema-major-version="10" schema-minor-version="0" >
      +     <web-module id="session_rep" path="session_rep.war" />+
      +     <persistence path="persistence" />+
      +     <principals path="principals.xml" />+
      +     <jazn provider="XML" />+
      +     <log>+
      +          <file path="application.log" />+
      +     </log>+
      +     <cluster allow-colocation="false">+
      +     <replication-policy trigger="onRequestEnd" scope="modifiedAttributes"/>+
      +     <flow-control-policy enabled="false" />+
      +          <protocol>+
      +               <peer>+
      +                              <opmn-discovery/>+
      +               </peer>+
      +          </protocol>+
      +     </cluster>+

      Will appreciate any help !