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    Modify shipping network of a copied inventory org

      Hi friends,

      I need to modify an inventory organization shipping network’s Intransit Inventory accounts. But the system doesn’t allow doing that. Why? I have created this inventory org by coping another inventory org. I have seen that none of organization’s Intransit Inventory account can be changed. I can make the change by deleting the record and making a new record. But in case of hundreds of inventory org this can not be an ideal solution. What could be work around for this?

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          Hi Lisan,
          You are facing this issue b'coz of the Security Rule set at General Ledger level..

          You need to relax Sucurity rule if you need to make changes in the Shipping network accounting. Once you complete the account setup, please revert the security rule of the Inventory responsibility.

          Please follow these steps...

          1) Use GL Super User resp : Setup --> Financials --> Flexfields -->validation --> Security --> Assign

          Mention value set name (e.g Company, account..etc)
          Press Find

          2) At line level, (security level) .. query Application : Inventory, Responsibilty : <Your Inventory Super user resp>
          if the query fetch record ..then delete it..

          repeat step-2 for account and others Value set of your Accounting flexfield.

          3) Now use Inv Super user Resp to do shipping Netwrok setup..

          4) Once setup is done, reveret back the Security rules.. i.e You need to include/add rows what you have deleted from security rule in step-2 ..

          Hope this wil help..

          Regards :)
          S.P DASH
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            Hi Lisan,
            Could you please confirm if you are now able to setup Shipping Network A/cs after removing the GL Security rule which was assigned to your Inventory Responsibility? Please take help of your finance team to remove security rule incase you are not authorise to perform this task. Never hesitate to give your feedback.

            S.P DASH