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    Cancell a preapproved PO

      Hi people

      The PO went to preapproved and we can see the notification to re-assign,we are tryin to cancel the PO,is there a way to cancell this PO

      please assist as this is rather urgent
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          You can't delete PO when the status is in "PRE-APPROVED" from frontend even though you have Full access to PO. You can only apply HOLD on the PRE-APPROVED PO.

          Only way you can cancel Pre-Approved PO is, inform the Approver of the PO to (with whom it is pending for approval, View --> Action --> History) reject it.. Once the PO is in reject status you will be able to Cancel the PO.

          Oracle Doc ID 389462.1 may help.

          Hope this will help.

          S.P DASH