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    Installing OSB10gR3 on Mac OS

      Hello All,
      I am trying to install OSB on my new Mac. Downloaded 64bit version HP-Itanium version.
      Problems that I am facing as as follows:
      1. During installation process, even though the option to install Workshop is checked, still it asks for Eclipse installation directory.For simplicity reason I disabled OSB IDE plugin and carried on.
      2. Altered setDomainEnv.sh to increase HeapSize - 1024m.
      3.Created domain with no cluster and no managed server but with Service Bus. All in one Admin server using ./config.sh.
      4. When the server is started using .startWeblogic.sh, it started all sort of error, for exampleNoClassDeffound for com.bea.wli.ProductInfo and..... Unable to loade ALSB framework, Unable to load XBus kernal and etc..

      Has anybody experienced this kind of problems before? If so could you please share your experience installing OSB on Mac OS X.

      Any help on this is much appreciated.