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    Quote Analysis to PO

      Hello Everyone,

      I have a scenario wherein there are 10 lines on a Bid Quote of which 5 have been approved from the Quote Analysis Screen. Line-by-line Shipment Approvals and not Entire Quotation Approval. Now if I open the Quote and Copy Document to convert into a PO, all the 10 lines appear on the PO and not only the 5 that have been approved.

      Someone from my office has said that in order to create POs for only the approved lines, I will need to create a new PO and when I put the item code at the line level, the PO will automatically take the approved Quote as the Reference Document. The problem is that with 5 or 10 lines it need not seem that difficult but when it comes to my buyers making a Quote for 70 lines, then approving and for the PO they need to re-enter each item at the line level.

      Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this.