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    Oracle - Show tables - Short result


      Thank you for reading my post.
      Here is my question:

      When I execute the following command:

      SQLPLUS>> select * from tab;

      I get 4201 rows.

      The database I am using is "demobld.sql".
      This database contains - among the above huge number of tables -
      the following tables:
      - EMP,
      - DEPT,
      - BONUS,
      - SALGRADE,
      - DUMMY.

      I am looking for a command (like "SHOW TABLES" in MySQL) which
      would show me these tables only.

      Can you tell me how to do that?

      Thanks and all the best,
      [Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release]

      P.S. At the end of the following webpage:
      the result of the command "select * from tab;"
      is only three lines long.
      It looks like it is an excerpt of the command output...
      but this is the kind of result I wish I could get.
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