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    Primavera P&-V7 on Windows 7 64bit

      I've installed Stand alone on a Windows 7 64 Bit Primavera, it went fine and in the end I've installed also the Oracle Client 10G.

      When I try to log on on PM I receive:
      "Unable to connect to the database. Would you like to configure the database connection now?"

      I proceed to the database connection and after doing it with PUBPRM$PM user as login and password. It answer with:
      "Bad public user name or password. Database Server Error: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified;"

      What is the problem and is there a solution for it?

      Luis Quintino
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          Mr. JOHNNY
          I have the same problem looks that Primavera P6 V7 doesn't work in a 64 bits platform, I tryied all the logins usernames and passwords and nothing happens, also I posted a thread asking for help but nobody got an idea of this I believe that most of them are working still with XP platform, and Oracle doesn't even take care of this situation.

          Did you downloaded the database 11g as requiere by the installation?? I did so but still doesn't work.
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            I have the same problem today.

            I am trying to install P6 version 7 on Windows 7 64 bit

            - first I installed primavera
            - after I installed Oracle 11 g

            But I don't know how to do edit the Oracle 11 g to include the content from the Oracle XE "tnsnames.ora" file

            See page 10 Stand-Alone Manual
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              I'm sucesfully using P6 v7 with W7 64bit.

              However all of you guys seams to be using Oracle Database. I'm using MS SQL database, and I have no issues with it.
              What I would suggest is downloading ODBC drivers for Oracle DB for Windows 2008 64bit or Windows 7 64bit and try again with database connection.
              GOOD LUCK!
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                Which version of the Microsoft SQL 2005 database did you download? SP3? Also, any guidance on x64 vs. x86?

                I'm having a really hard time getting this to install - I'm using version 6.2.1, but it is supposed to work....
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                  I'm told by our local Primivera distributor that I have to load SP3 for MS SQL 2005 and the recreate the db's (usung script) I'm still running V6.2.
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                    One other thing to check during installation is that one must install the app - technically both the P6 "front-end" and Oracle DB "back-end" - either from a local drive and/or mapped drive.

                    We have had more than one user supported in other offices attempt to install over a network, which is not supported. This would result in a similar error where the ORAPMDB canister would be created, but no users nor other DB objects would be created. Therefore, when attempting to configure the DB initially from P6, the app could see the DB, but no credentials nor tables were created to authenticate against it, thus throwing the error.

                    It may or may not be related, but it's one other thing to check.

                    Hope that helps a bit,
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                      I had exactly the same problem, the solution is simple and is hidden somewhere in the knowledge database, even Primavera themselves will want you to buy 11g, but is not required, it works fine with 10g; the only thing you need to do is during installation, do not accept the default directories and state new ones with out any brackets in the name. That's it, that's all I needed to do and I was really mad because I spent almost three days trying to make it work and even the help desk was of almost no help - "almost" because I found the hint above browsing on the documentation they send me when I asked for instructions to install it with MS-SQL database.

                      Note: during installation it will ask you to create a password, jot it down, you will not need that password again while using Primavera (the password is for the database), but you will need it to install SP2.

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                        When installing the standalone version of Primavera 6 v7 on Windows 64-bit OS, you can change the default installation directories to a path that does not include “program files (x86)” in it. The brackets around x86 are the problem with the 10g XE install. Just rename the path to “C:\Primavera” for the install and “C:\Primavera\Primavera Common” for the common files. It will work perfect after that! No need for 11g or instant client or modification of the tnsname.ora file.
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                          I use the P6 on Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Mine seems to work fine. I did not change any directories when installing, but it defaulted to C:\Oracle. I did not have to install the Oracle Client 10G separately. When I try to use the software it starts with a login screen with the "admin" username. To login here, you can choose a password using the Database Configuration utility:

                          I don't know if this is directly related to your problem, but what I did was this:

                          Before logging in, you can choose a password using the Database Configuration utility:
                          1. Go to the Windows start button > All Programs > Oracle Primavera P6 > Help and Utilities > Database Configuration.
                          2. In the Database Configuration window choose 'Next', then choose 'Administration Tasks'.
                          3. Choose 'Next', then choose 'Change application users password', then choose 'Next'.
                          4. Select the Project Management Database option, and in the drop-down list of databases, choose ORAPMDB (which should be the only option and already selected). Click Next.
                          5. Enter the username ADMPRM$PM and the password you entered when you were installing the software. Click Next.
                          6. Under Application username, choose 'admin', enter a new password, and confirm the new password.
                          The password for the admin username is now set, and you can then use it to login to the Project Management Module.
                          You can do the same for the Methodology Management module.
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                            I followed your instx. When I get to the part where I type in ADMPRM$PM and the password I created during install, (your step 5) it tells me "database server error -ORA- 01017-invalid username and password logon denied" What am I doing wrong?

                            I have attempted to run P6V7 several times and installed and reinstalled many times. It seems to installed Orace DB 10g OK.
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                              Could you explain how you installed? Did you install SQL server first? If so, what will be the password to be used to install the P6.7? Thank you very much for your attention. Your reply will be highly appreciated.

                              Best regards.
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                                bruno holmer
                                Hi there,

                                First of all Primavera P6 v7 are a 32 bit application, if you are installing on a 64 bit, you have to make some changes, follow:

                                - Change the PATH to a non space, donot use for example \\Program Files(x86)\ , try creating a \\ORACLE\PRIMAVERA P6\
                                - After installing a P6 7.0 you must install the Oracle (32 bits) client and configure the TNS Names to work for your stand Alone installation.

                                Also remember that if you are installing A 7 stand-Alone, the password informed on the installation are used for all DB Users (admprm$pm, privprm$pm and pubprm$pm).

                                The newone P6 7.0 SP3 midia pack have all files in one setup, I did not find this issues when using this setup.

                                Using SQL Server the problem with 64 bits do not occur.