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    How UTL_FILE works on split configuration


      Does UTL_FILE package can write on application tier if the location is added in dba_directories, or this needs to be on database tier in a split architecture.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          I believe UTL_FILE write to the directory of the $APPLPTMP environment variable (which should be presented first in the utl_file_dir database parameter) -- See (Note: 469377.1 - How To Change Temporary Directories in Apps?).

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            Hi tkjain

            unfortunately, the utl_file can only write to the dbTier
            if you want to access to that file from the appsTier you must share the directory between the two tiers via NFS or samba
            this is a bad solution and you should reserve the usage of utl_file in your code only to store an internal files (such as temporary file, log, trace file...)
            You must use other solutions (FND_FILE, BI publisher...) to write or read non-internal files (interface, output, csv...)