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    HFM Drill back to FDM - 9.3.1

    Seb L
      Hi all,

      I need some help with the following issue.
      We are using HFM and FDM 9.3.1 and trying to configure drill back.

      I have configured the FDM URL in the HFM Server and Web Config Window and specified the FDM appname under the HFM app setting.

      When drilling back from HFM I get the below error:

      Error: No Locations were found matching the passed intersection values. Please verify:
      1) that the target system (originating the drillback) is properly configured;
      2) that the FDM POVs have not been retroactively modified or compromised

      The strange thing is that if I create a new FDM application, the drill back works! I know there is a service fix ( which addresses a drill back issue but I am exporting the same test row and the drill back works successfully for my second app, suggesting this is not a problem with HFM (locked cell or workflow) but with my initial FDM app.
      I tried exporting the problem FDM app to xml and import it into the working FDM app after which the drill back failed.

      I think there is a problem with the initial FDM app but I can t figure out whats wrong with it.
      Any ideas?

      Thanks for your help.
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          Seb L
          It tuned out to be an issue with the adapter...Not too sure if its because we exported it from one environment and imported it into another.

          Below are the steps we used to fix the problem after imported the xml into the target app:

          1 - Log on to the problem FDM app
          2 - Delete the HFM adapter
          3 - Import a blank HFM adapter (same version)
          4 - Register the new adapter
          5 - Update the dimensions under the adapter (if necessary)
          6 - Configure the App Settings and Integration Settings
          7 - Check Control Tables
          8 - Import load file and test drill back.