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    Oracle Apps adapter not listening to the Oracle EBiz business event

    Baji Shaik

      We are new to SOA.We are testing the Business Event with Oracle apps adapter in SOA 11g.

      Steps we followed:

      1) We have created a BPEL Project and added Oracle Apps adapter in Exposed services pane.
      2) In Oracle Apps Adapter Wizard:
      Service Name: LotTest
      Service Connection: We have created a new database connection (eis/Apps/OracleAppsConnection)
      Application Interface (Name:oracle.apps.inv.processlot.outbound, type:Business Event Outbound)
      WFEvent Schema definition : Anyschema
      3) We have created a receive active and made connection to receive and oracle apps adapter
      4) Deployed to Weblogic server
      5) When we created a business event in the Oracle E-Business Suite ,No instance is getting created in weblogic console.

      We have a doubt are we doing in a right way?.
      Is there any way we can verify whether Oracle Apps adapter listening to business event or not?

      Thanks in advance


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