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    iProcurement mapping for catageories and org

    Uma Maddi
      Hi All,

      I have a requirement to restrict the catageries in IProcument based on the Org_id.

      Can any body help which tables i need to consider to map the catageries and org_id. Currently i am using the follwoing tables icx_cat_categories_tl ,

      ICX_CAT_CATEGORY_ITEMS, ICX_CAT_ITEMS_B , icx_cat_browse_trees

      But these combinations are not giving proper results.

      SELECT * FROM (SELECT distinct icct.rt_category_id, icct.category_name, icct.type
      --decode(type, 1, 'OA.jsp?OAFunc=ICX_CAT_BROWSE_CATEGORY&retainAM=Y&categoryId={$RtCategoryId}&categoryName={@CategoryName}&addBreadCrumb=Y', 2, 'OA.jsp?OAFunc=ICX_CAT_SEARCH_RESULTS&retainAM=Y&mode=categoryBrowse&categoryId={$RtCategoryId}&categoryName={@CategoryName}&teaser=false&addBreadCrumb=Y', null) as link
      FROM icx_cat_categories_tl icct -- ,ICX_CAT_CATEGORY_ITEMS icci, ICX_CAT_ITEMS_B icib
      WHERE icct.rt_category_id IN (SELECT child_category_id FROM icx_cat_browse_trees WHERE parent_category_id = :1)
      and icct.rt_category_id= icci.rt_category_id
      and icci.rt_item_id= icib.rt_item_id
      AND icct.language = 'US' and icct.type in (1,2)) QRSLT ORDER BY upper(category_name)

      Here bind variable for the first time is 0.

      So please help me in correcting the query.