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    BPEL Compilation Error

      when compiling a simple bpel process that include an assign and a human task in Oracle JDeveloper 11g it gives the following
      [scac] Validating composite : 'C:\JDeveloper\mywork\Application7\Project1\composite.xml'
      [scac] [WARNING] Line [24] Column [39] Schema validation failed for taskOne.task<Line 24, Column 39>: XML-24521: (Error) Element not completed: 'stage'
      [scac] [WARNING]Error assignee not specified
      [scac] [WARNING]Payload not specified

      the it can't be deployed giving the following
      03:49:58 PM] Error deploying archive sca_Project1_rev1.0.jar to soa_server1 []
      [03:49:58 PM] HTTP error code returned [500]
      [03:49:58 PM] Error message from server:
      Error during composite deployment: oracle.fabric.common.FabricDeploymentException: Composite with same revision ID already exists: default/Project1!1.0. Please set the overwrite flag or use different revision ID. Abort deployment..
      [03:49:58 PM] Check server log for more details.