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    trying to use OrdImage class in Java

    Rene W.
      I'm pretty new to using Java and I'm trying to write a class for use inside the database.

      According to http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/appdev.102/b14301/toc.htm
      In order to run OrdImage methods, you will need to include the following import statements in your Java file:
       import oracle.ord.im.OrdMediaUtil;
       import oracle.ord.im.OrdImage; 
      However my database does not seem to have these classes.

      Compilation errors for JAVA SOURCE IMAGE.IMAGEGENERATOR

      Error: ImageGenerator:10: cannot resolve symbol
      Error: symbol : class OrdMediaUtil
      Error: location: package im
      Error: import oracle.ord.im.OrdMediaUtil;
      Error: ^

      Error: ImageGenerator:11: cannot resolve symbol
      Error: symbol : class OrdImage
      Error: location: package im
      Error: import oracle.ord.im.OrdImage;
      Error: ^

      Also all_java_classes does not show any classes in oracle/ord/im.

      My database: (dba_registry)
      CONTEXT     Oracle Text     VALID
      ODM     Oracle Data Mining     VALID
      APEX     Oracle Application Express     VALID
      SDO     Spatial     INVALID
      ORDIM     Oracle interMedia     VALID
      XDB     Oracle XML Database     VALID
      EXF     Oracle Expression Filter     VALID
      RUL     Oracle Rule Manager     VALID
      OWM     Oracle Workspace Manager     VALID
      CATALOG     Oracle Database Catalog Views     VALID
      CATPROC     Oracle Database Packages and Types     VALID
      JAVAVM     JServer JAVA Virtual Machine     VALID
      XML     Oracle XDK     VALID
      CATJAVA     Oracle Database Java Packages     VALID
      Any advice is welcome