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    printing upside down

      Hi -
      I have to print an address upside down in order for it to come out right side up when folded and put into an an envelope.
      I see in MS Word that you can select the print direction of your text, but it only allows you to chose left, right or the standard printing.

      Has anyone accomplished printing text upside down in their layout template? I will also be passing "<?xml?>" fields in for the address so an image won't work.

      Any help would be great!
      Thanks - CC
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          You are probably going to have to use XSLFO to change the orientation by 180 degrees, using reference-orientation="180". I've not used it myself, but dig into it and let me know...

          So, using MS Words feature to change orientation by 90 degrees, modify the generated XSL to say 180 degrees. Instead of using the RTF template, use the XSL template.

          Worth a try...

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            I tried this and it worked like a charm.

            Here's the step by step.

            1) Create an RTF template and select text direction to be vertical - upward or downward is not important.
            2) From the BIP toolbar select Tools->Export->XSL-FO Style Sheet. Save stylesheet with an extension of XSL
            3) Edit the XSL file, search for *"reference-orientation"*. Change the value to 180 - it will be 90 or 270 based on what you selected in step 1. Save the modified XSL
            4) Create template in BIP Admin with a type of XSL-FO. Upload your XSL.

            Step 5 is the MOST important one!
            5) Make sure you give me points for this solution.

            Thank you. I learned something new today!

            6) For future changes to the template, use the RTF template as the base and repeat steps 2, 3 and 4. Step 5 need not be repeated.

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              Thank you very much for the help on this! I created a test file this morning and it worked perfectly!
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                My pleasure.

                Just curious, couldn't you print right side up and adjust the layout so that the address appears in the envelope window?
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                  I actually didn't get to that point yet because I was doing a "proof of concept" before the full layout of the report.

                  I created a table with 4 cells (I will make my report layout in this same format with a large table) and inserted 4 text form field objects holding my xml tags.
                  I then, in the xsl file, made these changes:

                  <fo:block-container reference-orientation="0">
                  <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90">
                  <fo:block-container reference-orientation="180">
                  <fo:block-container reference-orientation="270">

                  this way I could test all 4 directions of printing in my table. This looks like everything will work out fine.

                  This was my first time exporting the layout template as xsl-fo so thank you for the step-by-step instructions.
                  I just finished creating an xsl-xml file for another project so this was another great xsl thing to learn!

                  Thank you so much!
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                    Sorry, didn't read that last post correctly...
                    We want to eliminate the envelope completely. With the way the paper pre-printed, folded and sealed, upside down printing of the address is needed.
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                      You're gonna love this!

                      Forget about exporting the XSL-FO. You can do this in RTF!

                      Add the following FO directive before the first element in the cell that you want to be upside down. You don't have to set your text to be vertical either.

                      *<xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block-container" name="reference-orientation">180</xsl:attribute>*
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                        Would this qualify as 2 answers, therefore twice the number of points? ;-)
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                          Awesome! That is much easier, especially if I have to hand this off to other developers in the future.

                          I think it's worth double points
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                            this looks like works for a pdf output preview.
                            doesn't work for excel report output ?

                            any ideas how to get the cell print upwards into an excel ?