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    How to get Oracle to make instant-client work without LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

      To follow up with the subject, I have the technical answer, I'm curious about the actual logistic question.

      I'm working on getting a project going that requires oracle's instant-client. I was profoundly happy to see that they had an RPM available, I'd assume a benefit of them releasing their own RPM-based Linux distribution. I had minimal stumbling points getting everything going, but one was making sure the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable was exported. I am not a fan of this solution, because it doesn't make the libraries available system wide. I dug a little and remembered the /etc/ls.so.conf file, but there is more. As of sometime during 2.3 release of glibc, they added a include directory of /etc/ld.so.conf.d/

      What this means in that the RPM can place a file named oracle.conf in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ that contains the appropriate path(s), and then run ldconfig in the RPM's post script. With this set you can actually use instant-client and its libraries without exporting ANY environmental variables, thus making it significantly more useful, imho.

      I'm accessing a vendor's system so I don't have the support license, and thus this was the only outlet I currently have for my suggestion, so any of you that have a better channel, feel free to PLEASE spread the word :) Does anyone have a better method for me to push this up to the right people at Oracle?



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