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    Sales Orders Not Showing in ASCP Workbench

      Is there an obvious reason why some sales order won't show in the ASCP Workbench? It seems that about a third of ours are missing (212 of 698 that I would expect to show up).

      For the most part the scheduled ship dates of the missing ones are in the future, but not all. Is there some attribute that would prevent these from showing up? Is it something about a lack of on hand supply even though most have PO's coming in?

      The sales orders I'm concerned with are in Entered or Booked status and not on hold. I've looked through the Collections and see the sales orders but for whatever reason they are being filtered from the Plan.

      All other types of purchase orders, work orders, on hand, intransit, work order demand, planned orders, etc seem to show up just fine.

      Any thoughts? Thanks!
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          Sounds like this is in your ASCP Plan Options
          There is a tab called Organizations in your plan options.
          You can either bring sales orders in via enabling the check box for each organization you choose in your plan or use a Master Demand schedule
          Hope this helps
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            Good thought but "Include Sales Order" is definitely checked for all orgs in the Plan Options Organizations section.

            [I'm the original poster, I had to change my login.]
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              Here is a direct hit in MetaLink

              MSCFNSCW Sales Order Collected But Missing In ASCP Planners Workbench After Plan Run [ID 565033.1]

              Has an associated bug Bug 6837780 - The problem sales order had a null ship_to_site_use_id in table msc_sales_orders - Sales orders that did show up in the plan have this populated correctly. The problem here was that a new customer or ship to site was created but not collected by data collections. Data collections can miss this depending on the value of profile option MSC:Collection Window for Trading Partner Changes (Days) when it is set to something other than NULL.
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                Profile option "MSC: Collection Window for Trading Partner Changes (Days)" is set to NULL. Suppliers/Customers/Orgs and Trading Partners parameters in the Planning Data Pull are set to yes. This doesn't appear customer related because there are definitely customers where some of their sales orders show up and some don't.
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                  Are the sales orders scheduled? Unscheduled orers without sch ship date will not show up in ASCP .

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                    Yes, the sales orders are definitely scheduling. As I said many of the missing ones have scheduled ship dates in the future but I don't know if that is related at all.
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                      Yah . Sales orders with future sch ship dates should be fine..

                      One remote possibility is : you have a category set in Planners work bench : Tools>preferences>other tab . The items belonging to the other categories are not shown in supply demand window due to that?

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                        Would the category set prevent sales orders from coming through but not the on hand, work order, and purchase order entries for the same items? Because this does not seem to be related to any specific items, it's something about the sales orders themselves.
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                          yes. you are right. If other order types for same item are seen , thats not the cause. Did you raise a service request with Oracle ?

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                            Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                            Check which MDS the sales orders are being loaded into?
                            Are you including that MDS in the plan options?

                            Sandeep Gandhi
                            Independent Consultant
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                              sivaraman govindarajan

                              I am not sure whether your issue is fixed if not check the following in All area's

                              1.Check whether the item is Collected in ASCP workbench as well as the sales order.
                              a. In Item attribute definition --> under order management Tab enable the following.

                              1.Source - Internal.
                              2.OE Transactable flag.

                              2.In the sales order check the following.-
                              a.Whether the Ship from organization is as a part of your collection process...
                              b.through folder options- - add Visible Demand Flag field and make sure it is "Y".
                              c.Scheduled Ship Date is populated or not.
                              d. Transaction type whether it is RMA Type or shippable line

                              If all the above are ok..

                              Run a targeted collection for sales orders,and ensure the Collect Sales order set to yes.

                              Try all possibly it will collect.

                              Warm Regards
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                                I love all of these ideas but no luck yet! I did find something interesting today. It appears that even within a single sales order one line may show up in ASCP but not the other. The only difference appears to be that the one that is seen has a scheduled ship date of that day or earlier but the missing one has a ship date in the future.

                                I verified that both lines are being collected, but the sales order number for the missing one looks like "258945" while the one that shows up looks like "258945.USA Sales Order.ORDER ENTRY(6.2)". What is it that Collections is doing to append order type and line information to the order number? It seems that if a sales order line in Collections does not have that info appended then it also doesn't show up in the Plan.

                                Any more ideas?
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                                  sivaraman govindarajan

                                  which version of Oracle apps u r using?

                                  As per my knowledge the collection process collect closed lines as well, if some profile set is enabled which will be used for forecasting purpose.

                                  Warm Regards
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                                    navneet goel
                                    Based on your comment about the order number, it seems that you're trying to look for sales orders which were scheduled using ATP/ GOP after last ASCP plan run. You may either be using ATP based on collected data or some of these items aren't included in your plan thereby forcing ATP to use ODS/ Collected data to promise/ schedule these sales orders.

                                    When ATP/ GOP promises these sales orders using collected data, you'll see them dynamically inserted in ODS data (msc_sales_orders) and order number will show up as "258945" but after next collections, same sales order record is replaced by collected version with SO# as "258945.USA Sales Order.ORDER ENTRY(6.2)".

                                    Here are possible ways to validate/ resolve this issue:
                                    1. If you use "ATP/CTP based on Planning Data", these SO will be inserted dynamically in ASCP Plan and will be visible in ASCP workbench in Pink/ Magenta color though no pegging will be available until next plan run. You'll find these orders will have a record_source value as '1'

                                    2. If you use "ATP based on Collected Data", these SO will be included in the ASCP plan in next collections/ ASCP Plan run and same must be happening now as long as these items are included in the plan based on your plan options setting. Please note that ASCP Plan is a statis information as of the time of plan run and any SO scheduled after ASCP plan run won't be included until next plan run.

                                    Hope this clarifies the concern and you'll be able to validate the scenario in your case. For any further concerns, please contact me directly and I'll be glad to help you.
                                    Navneet Goel
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