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    Inserting the Brio Query Data into EIS OLAP Model  tables directly

      Dear Experts,

      Can someone please suggest how we can export data (result set records) from bqy files' queries into an EIS server's OLAP Model's tables?

      Right now I have a cube on Essbase server getting the data from excel sheets which store the data from the execution of .bqy files.

      Use of file system (excel sheets) has not been liked by my business users so now I need to avoid storing the data from brio queries into excel sheets for loading into the Essbase cube. This I am required to achieve using EIS/AIS so that the data from brio queries(.bqy files) can be directly inserted into Essbase cube with the help of (i.e. via) EIS/AIS.

      Any quick help would boost the life of this project of mine.

      Thank you,
      Vikas Jain