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    Counters in Contract


      I am trying to use counters to track my service such as callouts. i want the coutners to be active on Service item which is non-stockable in Inv and also not tracked in Install Base. But i have not been able to attach the counters to the contract.

      Is Install Base required for this functionality, or is there a mechanism to do away with this since the items are Service items?
      Also is Install Base available in a shared mode, just for the Counters functionality.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Have assigned your service item to the counter template?

          The answer to the second question depends on your version. If it is R12, yes if it is earlier, the answer probably is no.

          IB in shared mode would do to achieve this functionality.

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            Is there a way to disable / end-date / terminate / delete counters for an Item instance?
            During Install Base conversion (data migration from Legacy to Oracle Install Base), counters got created for both the Main Frame and the Configuration item instance which we did not wanted to happen. Desired result is to have counters linked only to the main frame item instance. Now in a custom JSP page, when we search for machines (serial number), we get duplicate search results. My intention is to delete or de-link counters from the configuration item instance.

            Any pointers in this regard is much appreciated.

            Thanks and Regards,